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Partner with the Hadoop ecosystem experts and get the most out of your Big Data infrastructure.

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Guiding You Through Your Big Data Journey

Your business is sitting on a treasure trove of data. Together we can unleash it.


You need to solve real problems. We design and build big data solutions that tackle complicated and nuanced business problems.

Data Engineering

You need results. Our engineers deliver quality big data solutions that are battle tested, ready for production, and easy to maintain.


You need your software to keep working. We can maintain, extend, and support your data applications in a cost-effective manner.

Not Just Any Old Solution

Partner with real Hadoop experts and you'll get the results you need.

Learning to ingest, store, process, and operationalize big data assets in Hadoop can take years. Our team has first hand experience in delivering high quality Hadoop applications in a range of businesses.

We can help you answer questions like

  • How can I identify useful data?
  • What format should my data be stored in?
  • How do I combine this data with other sources?
  • How should I secure this data inside my organization?
  • What is the best way to process the data?
  • Should I be using Spark, MapReduce or something different?
  • How do I effectively process my data?
  • How do I debug problems in my Hadoop pipelines?
  • How do I get my internal teams up to speed?

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We Exist To Build Amazing Software

I created Rathbone Labs in 2018 to help others build apps in the Hadoop ecosystem

Over the last 15 years I've dedicated myself to building high quality software for a variety of businesses. I lead teams to deliver exceptional results and business value without sacrificing software ease of use or maintainability. I spend a lot of time writing free big data and Hadoop tutorials and running community groups to help the whole community succeed.

- Matthew Rathbone, Owner

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