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Whether you need to solve a complex problem, bring focus to a project, or get a team back on track, I can help.

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I've helped top companies ship amazing software

How I can help you

Team leadership

Helping your engineers create the systems they need to ship better software without getting burned out.

Software development

Designing and building your software from scratch, on time, and in budget. I have designers and other engineers to hand if needed for bigger projects.

User experience

Critically analyzing user workflows to make sure your customers get maximum value from your software.

Project leadership

Leading your existing teams to plan, execute, and deliver a high priority software project.

Cloud migrations

Moving distributed systems to (or from) a cloud vendor is intensive work. Let me plan and execute the project for you, so you can get back to work.

CCPA & GDPR implementation

Building online and offline systems to handle, process, and redact private personal data.

You should probably stop scrolling and just hire me already

I'm a low-risk, high-reward way to supercharge your product development.

Client project examples (maybe they can serve as inspiration?)

  • Managed and grew a $3mm software business, achieving record revenues and doubling it's growth.
  • Led a strategic project to research, design, and budget a cutting-edge serverless compute platform.
  • Designed and built a customer-facing analytics system that can interface with both Excel and Google Sheets (everyone loves spreadsheets).
  • Built and scaled a multi-petabyte GDPR and CCPA compliance redaction tool.
  • Designed and developed a new multi-tab charting and querying interface for a top data vendor.
  • Worked with existing teams to design and spec a new configuration management system to improve a multi-billion dollar software business.
  • Analyzed a multi-million dollar AWS spend to identify $3mm in annual savings.
  • Automated a suite of services as part of a multi-year cloud migration.

About Me

I’ve spent the last 20 years building and selling software products across a range of industries.

To get a sense of my approach to building and selling software, you can check out my part-time product Beekeeper Studio, a profitable (if small) SQL editor and database manager. Most of Beekeeper Studio is open source on GitHub, the project has a large group of part time community contributors, and just hit a million downloads. My customers tell me that the app is “like a dream come true” (that’s a real quote).

I spend my days helping clients (like you!) build and grow their own software products. I am most valuable at the intersection of business, product, and engineering.

Prior to consulting, I built, grew, and sold a small software business, raised over $800,000 to build a data analytics start-up (now dead), ran several software teams at various businesses, and worked night shifts at a cardboard box factory during college.

I’ve founded and run several community groups, including Big Data Madison (WI) and the NYU Masters’ association for computer science.

I’m a father and husband, and would not be capable of doing anything useful without my smarty pants professor wife, Alexandra.