Big Data Engineering

Partner with a Hadoop & Spark ecosystem expert and get the most out of your big data infrastructure.

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I Can Help Take You From Idea to Reality


You need to solve real problems. I design and build big data solutions that tackle complicated and nuanced business problems.

Data Engineering

You need results. I deliver quality big data software that is battle tested, ready for production, and easy to maintain.


You need your software to keep working. I can maintain, extend, and support your data applications in a cost-effective manner.

I Build Quality Software

I've spent a decade working with big data. I can help you get the results you need.

Learning to ingest, store, process, and operationalize big data assets in Hadoop can take years. I have first hand experience delivering high quality Hadoop applications in a range of businesses.

I can help you answer questions like

  • How can I identify useful data?
  • What format should my data be stored in?
  • How do I combine this data with other sources?
  • How should I secure this data inside my organization?
  • What is the best way to process the data?
  • Should I be using Spark, MapReduce or something different?
  • How do I effectively process my data?
  • How do I debug problems in my Hadoop pipelines?
  • How do I get my internal teams up to speed?

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I'm Here To Help

I created Rathbone Labs in 2018 to help others build apps in the Hadoop ecosystem

Over the last decade I've dedicated myself to building high quality software for a variety of businesses. I deliver exceptional results and business value without sacrificing software quality.

I spend a lot of time writing free big data and Hadoop tutorials and running community groups to help the whole community succeed.

- Matthew Rathbone, Owner

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